Yvonne Vann

This was my first time ever dealing with an estate sale company. I am writing to say that I had a wonderful experience with this company. The people came in and set up cameras, which made me feel reassured that nothing was going to be taken by any employee or anyone throughout the estate sale. I did not have to do a thing, which I really liked because I did not have the time to do any of that myself. I also had family and friends that were wanting to go inside and get things out of the home prior to the estate sale and I was always called to verify whether or not they were to take any items or to be inside of the home. I did like the fact that even though that was not in the contract, they had plenty of wisdom to know that it warranted a phone call to me. I wanted to include that I also had a vehicle to sell along with the contents of the home and they took the vehicle and got two appraisals for it and got me more than what the appraisal car companies had offered for the vehicle. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking or needing to have an estate sale and looking to not have to worry about it getting done. Just hire them and they take care of everything!!!