About Us

The Estate Liquidation Company accomplishes exactly what its name implies. Almost 80% of our business is liquidating estates. However, we also perform business closeouts, bankruptcies, moving sales, limited consignments and fair-market appraisals. Our services are requested by banks, attorneys, probate courts, realtors, businesses and individuals. The sale of an estate can seem overwhelming, but this is where we can help.

We are a family owned and operated business with a background in antiques, gifts, furniture and collectibles. We did our first estate sale in 1972 for our own family. With this many years of experience, we provide a high quality service and an outstanding list of buyers that are seeking merchandise on a regular basis. We are also familiar with questions and answers concerning the different type of sales. Never hesitate to call for information, an appraisal, or a free consultation.

To conduct a sale, everything is done on a contract basis. First, an opening on the calendar must be available. Never leave yourself short on time and do not throw or give away what you can sell. Once you are on the calendar, our “make-ready” crew requires an average of at least one week to prepare the sale. We have two fair-market value appraisers that appraise and tag all merchandise. Advertising is done in newspapers according to the area and types of merchandise as well as on estate sale websites.

We also send out an ever growing newsletter via e-mail to over 9,000 buyers wanting to stay informed of every sale. We provide services for all major credit cards, check guarantees, and the collecting and paying of all city sales tax. We are a licensed and bonded company, as well as members of the Better Business Bureau.

No matter what your needs are in the way of liquidations always compare services and ask questions. If someone wants to buy the estate they’re not in the liquidation business – they’re in the buying business. Don’t hesitate to check with the Better Business Bureau and see how companies are rated.

Unlike other companies, The Estate Liquidation Company is a true liquidation company. Our goal is to liquidate liabilities into assets. We can help with real estate, household contents, autos, boats, RV’s – all types of merchandise, a little of anything or lots of everything. Every sale is different and we present each as if it were our own. Our phone number is 210-344-7337 for more information.


Estate Liquidation Co. offers a variety of services in the estate sales area:

Estate Sales/Auctions

Estate Settlements, Moving Sales, Bankruptcy Liquidations                                                                                   Why should you choose the Estate Liquidation Co. for your estate sale?

  • Ease and convenience — The Estate Liquidation Co. will handle all the details of your sale.
  • Professional Appraisals — We will ensure your merchandise is fairly priced.
  • Experience — The Estate Liquidation Co. has been in business in San Antonio since 1972 and has many satisfied customers who can provide references.
  • Protection — We are bonded for your protection.

Our Estate Sale Services Include:

  • Appraise and tag the merchandise
  • Arrange the items
  • Schedule the sale
  • Advertise the sale
  • Provide security
  • Ensure everything goes smoothly


Estates, Antiques, Jewelry, Automobiles, Boats, and More                                                                                       A few reasons you should select the Estate Liquidation Co. for your consignment sale:

  • Professional Appraisals — As always, we will ensure your items are fairly priced
  • Ease and Convenience — We will arrange for your items sale, advertising, and pickup.
  • Experienced — In business in San Antonio since 1972.
  • Licensed
  • References Available


Expert and Fair Market Value appraisals for Insurance Claims, Charitable Donations, Estate Settlements, and other purposes

Why would someone want an appraisal? Other than simply being curious about the value of that old rocker in the attic? There are many reasons. For example, moving companies bring new families to San Antonio every day. The moving companies sometimes damage items during the move. Appraisal of the item may be necessary to support your damage claim. Insurance companies sometimes require appraisals before insuring an item or before settling a claim. Wills often state that an inheritance is to be split evenly among several heirs. To avoid a family feud, hire an appraiser. Are you thinking of having a garage sale? Have you ever read of collectors finding treasures at garage sales for practically nothing? Call us to avoid "being taken." Come to us for your appraisals.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We also have:
  • A huge library of reference books
  • Experience
  • Specialists in antiques and collectibles
  • We provide a typed, signed report certifying the appraisal