Expert and Fair Market Value appraisals for Insurance Claims, Charitable Donations, Estate Settlements, and other purposes

Why would someone want an appraisal?
Other than simply being curious about the value of that old rocker in the attic? There are many reasons. For example, moving companies bring new families to San Antonio every day. The moving companies sometimes damage items during the move. Appraisal of the item may be necessary to support your damage claim. Insurance companies sometimes require appraisals before insuring an item or before settling a claim. Wills often state that an inheritance is to be split evenly among several heirs. To avoid a family feud, hire an appraiser. Are you thinking of having a garage sale? Have you ever read of collectors finding treasures at garage sales for practically nothing? Call us to avoid “being taken.”┬áCome to us for your appraisals.






















































































































We also have:

  • A huge library of reference books
  • Experience
  • Specialists in antiques and collectibles
  • We provide a typed, signed report certifying the appraisal