What is an estate sale?

An Estate Sale is a huge tag sale put on by professionals and attended by very large numbers of people. There are so many people that they cannot all enter the house at once and must take a number. They are so popular that people come early to get a good place in line.

The Estate Liquidation Co. usually starts handing out numbers about an hour before the start of the sale. If you look at one of our ads, you will see the time the sale starts and then a cryptic line that reads something like “Numbers 0700″. That means we start handing out numbers for place in line at 07:00.

In an estate sale, the entire contents of the house are for sale. The Estate Liquidation Co appraises each item and places a tag on it with the price. The first day of the sale, the prices are fixed – no negotiating. On the second day, if you are a good haggler, you may get an item for less than the tagged price. However, if you have your eye on something special, it’s best to buy it the first day as soon as you can. The first day you are competing against dealers and professional bargain hunters. The really good items usually go the first day.

So, you show up the first day, get a place in line and finally get inside. You wander through the house, looking at items in their natural setting examining the prices. The men quite often head for the garage and women head for the kitchens, bedrooms… well, the rest of the house.

If you are in the dining room and see a set of fine silverware you want, notify one of the staff and get it. If you find a set of stainless steel tableware you would like to get, you might be able to wait for the second day and haggle a bit. However, that’s taking a chance. You can pay with cash, all major credit cards and checks with proper identification. You can even get a little help with loading your purchases.

The people that attend estate sales come back again and again. They quite often know each other and are very friendly. If you have questions, you can turn to the person next to you and most likely get a friendly answer. If the person next to you is one of the staff of the Estate Liquidation Co., you can be assured you will receive a friendly and helpful answer. We are throughout the house and are ready to answer any questions, to help you with heavy items, arrange delivery for really large items, and of course, to accept payment.

We enjoy setting up and conducting these sales as much as people enjoy attending them. We have gotten to know many wonderful people over the years and hope to get to know you.